Archive of Balin’s poems

A Time Ago


A time ago there was a man who fished for the hearts of men.

He turned the tables, cured the lame and opened up the pen.

Then just like sheep the free were led and taught to bleat his name,

Led by the dogs who nailed him up and others just the same.

For military might has boundaries but religion – that can spread

When linked to the wine we drink, and to our daily bread.

Most of the precious pearls fell fowl before the Holy swine

Led by, for the common good of all, and heaven so divine.

So through the years the truth was lost, burnt by the devout,

And all they left in its place where the seeds of fear and doubt.

Well the lesson which he tried to teach to all who have a heart,

Is by little self sacrifice one finds the place to start.

For God above is all about and everything we do

We even flush him down the bog when we have a poo!

So we must in our every action show great respect for all,

And give back what we’ve taken or the all is going to fall.

God has in mind a mighty plan for a house with many a room,

And all who enter and dwell within will be lifted free from gloom.

well it’s down to man to build this house and many more of the same,

To learn the lessons from the past, forgive and then the shame.

He’s given us all the tools we need, all materials too,

So all we really need to start is the print in blue.

For he is the greatest architect and he works through every mind,

So when we unite and work as one even this we’ll find.

We’ll hear at last the sacrifice he’d like us all to make,

Stop breaking the creation! End the take, take, take.

Live as one, drop ownership, share this place we dwell

Or he will wash his hands of us and leave us all to hell.



Wherever egos I goes, as I am attached to me,

Attached by separation too scared to set me free.

Divided from the I and I though one and quite complete,

It’s my ego that possesses, id wins and knows defeat.

So when the ego and the ego will to go to war,

It’s the ego that always loses out, for I knows the final score.

I take I or one take one the answer’s just the same,

Negating all to zero with no one left to blame.

But it does not have two be like this if I can recognise,

And regard ego in-a-sense to help all realise.

Life is one and singular, as is the ever constant all,

To break or damage any bit will be the way I fall.

So I must learn to share with I, and it’s ego I must drop,

or peace will never rule on earth and wars will never stop.

We realise our future make real fix in stone,

do we want the planes of hell or paradise at heavens thrown.

We make the future I and I though ego tries to take,

Stealing and deceiving what looks like give is just a fake.

So now’s the time for sacrifice as the ego has to die,

And in id’s place the super ego needs to learn to fly.

Then super egos I and I and all of all as one ,

Consciousness that’s recognised, instead of consciousness gone.

And heaven is a place we’ll build with heart and will and hand,

This follows the path the greater consciousness has in all ways planned.



An Empty Page


An empty page, an empty book, an empty broken heart –

Where does one go looking to find a place to start?

Where does one go searching for some way off peace of mind?

And if one ever gets there whatever will one find?

Well I thought I’d found that place, in a field that’s called love,

But all I found were land mines and odd broken bits of dove.

I was eventually stuck frozen, nailed to the spot.

Not knowing which way was backwards: in fear I’d forgot.

So lost and oh so lonely, amidst disassembled dove,

My mind capsised, as I realised all about was love.

Every broken feather, both broken shattered wings,

Every mine in this minefield, and many other things.

Each little bug that bites us, helps us to feel alive,

Teaching basic instincts, on how one can survive.

Or more than that: how to live, rejoicing all the time,

By sharing love, making peace, and ending ego crime.



Carbon Paper Junkies

Carbon paper junkies, dosh for distraction

Like experimental monkeys primed for reaction.

Living in fear of bleak revolution

Too scared to take steps towards evolution

Treading the mill as the future we grind

Whilst finding the tools to open the mind.

There’s twisted terms, And law’s just will

Made by serpent worms And carried by Bill.

Most pretend sheep are scared of the bite,

But fear is the toxin that keeps endless night.

Filled with the nightmares of dismembered pain,

see how we are channelled by a pull on the rein.

Driven down roads all leading to hell,

less chance to turn as each tree we fell.

We burn tomorrow, throw it away

not knowing borrow, Stealing through play.

So here’s how we change the ways of the past,

And face up to a future that seems so vast.

We must learn to be one, not all separate parts,

We must shine like the sun and open our hearts.

We must recognise skills and allow them to fuse,

Make all life the winner as through no Life we lose.

Rewrite the rules, break free the chain

don’t play the fool, Set democracy’s reign.

We can’t let it all go or place our heads in the sand,

sooner or later we must make our last stand,

Or darkness will fall on this life that we share,

our children’s investment: our love and our care.

So gently we’ll show with hearts full of peace,

as the cogs and the wheels with love we will grease.

Change the machine, and program rewrite

learn to live Green and put it all right.

Respect all the life of our earthen home,

With heart and mind, love with flesh and with bone.

Trust in yourself – you know what you need,

grow political freedom from democracy’s seed.

Everyone equal: no one person’s control,

no bad rules for the masses or war’s sad death toll.

For your self vote

as only you know

learn how to float

help all life to grow.

And then as peace radiates out across the seas and the land,

we will at last see the path that was planned.

A path to a place for the promotion of love,

a home for all life with God above.

A place that is filled with forests of dreams,

rejoicing with laughter as each soul mirror gleams.





The mockery we call democracy is a self-perpetuating lie,

for its own existence truth and freedom had to die.

Economics, fossil fuels, control and nuclear power

are the tools that mankind uses to build his ivory tower.

We chop down trees and kill the meek as round the world we fly

blinded by fears of loss and change, too scared to even try.

As a parasitic life form we kill our worldly host

Degrading all the atmosphere, turning all of life to toast.

So on a pyre of oil and money it’s the future that we burn.

Are we thick or unintelligent, or can we start to learn?

To learn to love, to learn to share in a symbiotic way,

stop doing all the damage and turn hard work into play.

So here’s the law – well Mammon’s law in symbols that I’ve found,

It starts with the L of livre: the symbol of the pound.

Then there’s the A’s dividers: freemasons’ divide and rules

The W’s guns and weaponry used by their puppet fools.

Only through our knowledge we are changed and held by strings

Made to dance a merry dance that breaks so many things.

If we open up our mind’s eye and really start to look,

We will see all the damage and everything we took.

So now’s the time if you’ll pardon me – it’s time to give it back.

Or is there no more bravery? Is its courage that we lack?

It’s separate this and separate that and no one seems to see

All these things are one thing that’s our response-ability.

Our ability to respond is governed by our fear:

Fear, that is, of losing something fond that we hold dear.

Well it’s not ours nor are we, nor anything we own.

It all belongs to mother Earth: god’s wonderful spaceship dome.

Consciousness reflecting, by light of conscious mind

And when we take off the shackles this is what we’ll find.

That only when we set us free will we get true democracy.

So when you vote you, and I vote me, we’ll all vote on “just” policy.



How to Fix


How to fix without fixation, how to stitch and mend,

how to reunite division, and call this world friend.

How to find a path in darkness, that leads us to the light,

without the use of sound or smell, taste, touch or even sight.

Imagination is the key to open up the mind,

It breaks down walls and borders as common place we find.

It shines on every pathway and evens out the field,

And imagination realised is a conscious harvest yield.

When this food is gathered, thought can have a meal,

then delusions will dissolve; we’ll see at last what’s real.

Though reality is an uncomfortable place with nowhere left to hide,

And everything is connected so it’s not so far and wide.

We all live in a bubble so you’re out breath is my in,

We all live on a molten ball whose crust is very thin.

We share this world with all of life of which we are one part,

We share the air and waters and this is just a start.

Intricate connections to this weird web of life

Like veins and major arteries to which we hold a knife.

Quite content to profit with our oil and nuclear power

As a parasitic lifeform it’s all life we do devour.

Then through mines we dug a hole ever closer to the core

And through national division we find excuse to war.

To possess and own we take the lot, with no thought of love or care,

But unlike the wily poacher we are caught in our own snare.

And instead of just relaxing or backing up a pace,

The noose gets ever tighter as we rush in this our race.

So as we gag and choke all life in our mad and selfish rush

With veins now fully open life’s blood like fountains gush.

And still we choose to look away and someone else we blame

As we rip apart the atmosphere exposing earth to sun’s strong flame.

Now I hope that no one’s comfortable as comfort is a sin

And clarity through discomfort is the place where we begin.

It’s down to you and down to me and down to all of us

To start fixing the creation without kicking up a fuss.

Turned down the heat turn off the lights and instead of drive we walk

and to make new friends from enemies we really have to talk.

We have to learn to live with life, not own and buy and sell

As an economic profit is the road to the plains of hell.

We’ve got to learn to cut right down the use of all the fuels

And decommission nuclear plants unless we are still fools.

No longer fly in fossil planes and helicopters ground,

Turn our ships right back to wind as heaven we are bound.

No more rockets no more bombs and no more bloody war

For love’s the only weapon, love’s the teacher and love’s the door.                                                                                      When we learn to work with love in freedom we will see

A path that leads us far from harm. Love is the only key .

True Love knows no fear, no suffering and distress,

True love knows no boundaries, and tidies up the mess.

True love knows no ownership – it only knows to share

True love grows in every heart when we start to care.



When Man was Young


When man was young he hunted and gathered fruit and seed,

Driven both by hunger and a little bit of greed.

The variety and abundance could not keep the pace

Of this greedy, needy, reckless, half-blind human race.

So when what was left could no longer sustain

mankind started to use his oversized brain.

And by trying to keep his kinsfolk from harm

all over the world he started to farm.

They chopped down the forests to make room for fields

and hybridised nature to increase their yields.

Slowly with poisons kept nature at bay

And with eyes firmly closed refused to obey.

All of the things that we had been told

by all of the teachers, the new and the old.

All of the lessons, all of the pain –

how can man want to go through all this again?

Now is the time to look deep inside

Face up to those fears which inside we hide.

Live for all life, as all life is you

Act for the best of the big, and small too.

For we all are the product of created self doubt

Directed and nurtured to reduce the clout

Of an event so huge that it may scare

So now is the time for all to prepare.

Recognise error and turn round the cog

Learn from all teachers and see through the fog.

It wasn’t the apple – make no mistake

For Adam and Eve ate the whole snake.

But that which angered and made god despair:

They showed no remorse, they just didn’t care.

They chop down trees in order to cook

It’s no wonder he threw at them the book.

Then they set to with mechanical spade

and the world’s first car park from Eden they made.

One at a time they wiped from this earth

the species his mind had given to birth.

Then all of their children followed the tune

And sampled creation with knife fork and spoon.

All loving he sat back and cried with dismay

as their children continued the abuse to this day.

Then there was something that upset him some more

they disturbed his mind peace by starting to war.

Now there’s the bubble that protects earth from space

with toxins and poisons these children do lace.

As they pop it with rockets and planes in the air

to destroy something else seems to be the main care.

Soon all of light, creation’s inspirational spark

will be open to the void of the unconscious dark.

For he grows old and tires as his heart we break

As instead of giving we continue to take.

We need to show back some of the love that he’s shown

allow him to know that mankind has grown.

Love is the one thing his heart needs to heal

and his youth will return when this love we all feel.


Buddha Never Made

Buddha never made the footsteps in the sands of time

he only made the bumprints as likewise I made mine.

For time to sit is not just time, it’s time and place as well

revealing pearls of wisdom which hide in every shell.

With the right approach they open up and really start to shine

Reflecting perpetual consciousness in the light that’s yours and mine.

For all we see is not real – just an image of what was there

Mirrored light in time, if we take the time to share.

Deep within our consciousness within our one Great soul

There is a truth that unites us all and makes separate parts one whole.

There is a way to live as one and share our Earthen home

It’s a little bit of pyramid and a little bit of dome.

Through time we’ve been gaining the tools that we’ll need

Learning the skills that will nourish the seed.

To the growth of a future that starts with a dream

Imagination realised as spring flows to stream.

Consciousness recognised in rivers of pure thought

Respect for all and consciousness on this earthly Life support.

To all life is one and this we must know

Or the seeds of the future we’ll never grow.

We all try to keep up in our need to impress

By closing our eyes to the things that depress.

So by turning our heads and refusing to see

We all are the axe man who cuts down the tree.

And by not taking action to look after life

We all are the rapist armed with the knife.

So now is the time, not some other date.

Make consciousness shift before it’s too late.

It’s time to prepare and focus our mind

And question ourselves as solutions we’ll find.

Ask yourself this one just as a start:

Would world peace weigh more than my heart?

How do we value profit or gain?

What for our children will we retain?




Plastic Distraction


When we strip back our plastic distraction

And notice inside an adverse reaction.

When we pull of the shades from our rose tinted eyes

revealing the truth, exposing all lies.

If we’re not scared, born of cowardly folk

and we think we can laugh when we’re the crux of the joke.

Then it’s time to look deep and find who we are

By looking inside we can travel so far.

No longer defined by how we react,

without the distraction we’ll see this as fact .

So if we can trust to our love’s true attraction

It will prepare us inside for the great plan of action.

And if we open our souls with no need to disguise

Showing our love for our natural ties.

Then by kindling our hearts’ fires there’s a chance to provoke

The Phoenix of love to arise from the smoke.

So if it’s for real and it’s not just an act

The time is close drawing to cement loves pact.

Bound in a bond which helps to heal

All of the wounds that feel so real.

Connections with heart, body and mind

On levels so deep and so hard to find.

Or is this a dream? Is it really all shit?

On this it is time to think for a bit.

Well what is your choice, as this world-heart we break?

Which is the right path, and which is mistake?



If You Believe


If you believe in us and them

this is the point where our problems stem.

A synaptic pathway in the brain

That makes division and causes pain.

If you believe there is divide

there is for you no place to hide.

There is for you no place that’s safe

as all of life does grate and chafe.

It wears for you a mighty hole

and seems to me the strangest goal.

How can we all buy into the lie

whilst all round the world all life does die.

Poisoned by our every deed

with good intent and small-self greed.

The con’s the lies, the comfort zone

devoiding the life of our Earthen home.

We are sold a dream that is nicely packed

In layers of lies with no base in fact.

‘If I see this world it will help me grow.’

‘If I follow the sheep, if I go with the flow.’

Square pegs taught to fit round holes

Beauty spots that are cancerous moles.

My luxury pad or nice new car

Stolen property, quite bizarre.

Energy and matter both of which we take

Not seen that in truth it’s all of life we break.

So as we steal the future in our sick way

Poisoning the planet, day by day by day.

Then as we rest in our centrally heated home

dreaming of adventure as round the world we roam.

We don’t want to wake up, admit we’ve been conned

We are denying that we’re killing all the life that we hold fond.

Closing our minds as this helps us cope

blaming another as we destroy our own hope.

As intelligent life – or that’s what we like to think

we’ve taken and taken all life to the very brink.

So is it too late or is there still some time to change?

Can we sort out our mess of habits oh so very strange?

Can we learn to love life and learn how to share,

learn to open up our eyes and truly become aware?

Can we cope with the pain when we open our eyes,

when we see what we have done to the land, the seas, the sky?

Can we learn to be one and sort out this mess

the cause of the problems, the heartaches and stress?

Can we fight fear with no weapon but the heart?

If your answer is yes then when do we start?

As the sands of time continue to flow

with will and right action all hope’s seeds can grow.

So now is the time – it’s time to make a stand,

to stop all the wars and runways that are planned.

So this is the time and place where we start

And this is the time to open up our heart.


The Greatest Strength


The greatest strength of the mighty tree is in its flexibility.

If you think something is fundamentally wrong

Fight to change it; stand up be strong.

If all of nature is destroyed,

All we know becomes a void.

If we can live in nature’s ways,

We will be here in future days.

If we can fix what has been broken,

Then we will at last have woken

To a better way of life,

And put a final end to strife.

If we don’t, and keep on breaking

We will never reach the time of waking.

If we do, we have the chance

To join in the immortal dance.

So we have to change before it’s too late

And we’ve sealed all life’s fate.

Remember nature is our mother too

and ask yourself, what I can do?

Come out, get arrested, refuse all bails –

there is not enough space in all of their jails.

Make a statement to the state:

then they’ll know there is no mistake.

That all that’s green needs to stay

In its purely natural way.

And they’ll see through the gloom

to this, Nature’s living room.

I dedicate my life to this

An eternal state of bliss.

I beg you please if it’s in your heart

Get off your arse, get on the cart.





The referendum of my heart’s true desire –

Is this the end or do we go higher?

This is the vote to take to the polls,

This is the vote that’ll save all our souls.

What is it we want, we race we call man,

Who take break and damage whatever we can?

Calling it ours by money we own,

Stolen from all life – not even a loan.

What will we give when it comes to tomorrow?

Will we give joy or will we give sorrow?

This is our choice, so give it your vote,

Do we want to live on or cut our own throat?

This is the choice, we need to know,

Is mankind stuck in a rut or can mankind grow?

This is the vote to give peace of mind,

And then in the quiet, solutions we’ll find.

All open to vie,. none of them hidden,

By showing respect, nothing forbidden.

All nature to share by giving it space,

And even some space at the human race.

Or maybe your vote is not for this side,

If this is the case there’s no place to hide.

So it’s time to say goodbye for our pains,

As life’s blood runs out of open veins.

Goodbye to a tomorrow no one will ever see,

The choice is yours: go on, chop down life’s tree.





Prepare to have your boundaries pushed.

Always always pushing, beyond preconceived levels of perception,

edging on madness, fighting the sadness

To raise the vibration and fight the constipation of the universal mind.

Just by being aware that all’s here to share,

Money ain’t funny and war is misused.

To fight the shite is what war is for, unblocking the flow

allowing to grow,

Not killing your brother, or raping your mother,

And burning this land, this ain’t what’s planned.

This land’s not ours to cover in cars: it belongs to all life.

Think of it as mother and wife, show it respect

Not mankind’s neglect , all property’s theft, this we all know

If we don’t give it all back we’ll never grow.




The Eleventh


So the Eleventh was to be the day,

The eleventh month and hour.

Then with sanctions they did pay,

A bill to make all cower.

To stop all wars was the intent,

it came straight from the heart.

But many more died in discontent,

before the peace did start.

Then restrictions on social conditions,

famine, depression and need

seemed to stimulate missions

based on fear, loathing and greed.

so this seems to be how they’re started,

With oppression and technology’s arm,

but if we could be openhearted,

maybe we’d stop all the harm.

Now there is a war we must all fight,

To change theft into borrow.

If we don’t we’ll all lose sight,

Of a beautiful tomorrow.

Oppression seems to be wars key,

For both human life’s and creatures.

If we could learn to let it all be,

and learn the lessons from all life’s teachers.

So with a war of dreams we’ll plant a seed,

then all with love will grow.

A seed of a dream that will nourish and feed,

allowing all life to gently flow,

Calm and happy with peace of mind,

By forgiving the past and healing the broken.

A beautiful tomorrow we will all find,

And the love in our hearts will at last have woken.

Then we’ll give it back and give back more,

As the greatest gift is the present,

And if we gift ourselves, it’ll open the door

To a life that is much more pleasant.


Through the secrets of the wealthy and well connected

all the life of this earth is with disease infected.

Through their spells of ignorance we all commit the crime

and instead of life immortal we bring about the end of time.

Through worship of our money god we serve the folding queen

and for our children make futures that are anything but green.

We condemn with every action, with the profit that we make

Through our interest and consumption it’s all life that we break.

If we carry the cross of Satan as for him we killed the Christ

And now we destroy the creation in this the Devil’s soul heist.

For everyone does bear his marks, his dollar or his pound

Tokens of the Devil’s means in every pocket found.

The true value of our money: as slaves it is the chain,

And as long as we all value it, slaves we will remain.

Though blinded by delusions with every breath we do deny

For if we saw reality we would all sit down and cry.

Destroying the creation is taking life from all

We’re killing our own families with lies that we install.

To have some more is the main goal: to have as much as one may dare.

In truth we rip apart god’s heart when we live without some care.

So when we’re taught how to lie and how to deceive

It’s hard to find something good in which one can believe.

When we give away our own responsibility

To a very well-entrenched plutocracy,

When we choose what seems the easy path

It’s someone else who has the last laugh.

So please be aware you’re the butt of the joke

That’s you, that’s me, that’s all common folk.

We’re all so embarrassed that our ego and pride

Won’t let us admit that to our children we have lied.

And sold to our children life’s greatest con

This is the way the lie’s carried on.

So through education we force them to fit

Into the circle of death with the money’s profit .

So mercenaries one and all we serve the folding queen

Like royalty serves parliament in depths that are unseen.

We all buy into the lie as futures we all burn

Chasing after paradise: for this we yearn.

We all want a place of safety for our kinfolk to grow

For you and me, a house and car – for the polar bear just snow.

The economy that we’re living in depends on fossil fuels

And if we change to nuclear we really must be fools.

As with toxins and poisons this planet we lace

Blinded by our profit and its economic pace.

Held in place by fear and its educated lies

And just for recreation we kill, and break our natural ties.

Well, all the scientists say it’ll be alright, when we’ve killed all the trees

Mutated algae will make our air, we’ll grow it in the seas.

So we’re not content to fuck the air and all of the land

We must rid the seas of all their life by accident that’s planned.

So how for me can I trust you when on a financial profit you depend?

How can someone on the make truly be my friend?

And how can one use words like love whilst on holiday we fly,

Poisoning by our actions the land the sea the sky?

As we’re taking from our children the air they will require

And teaching all the peacekeepers to aim then open fire.

With cluster bombs and minefields it’s the farmers that we crop

Blowing off their arms and legs are we ever going to stop?

Who are the ones that profit? Who makes money from this mess?

I’m afraid to say it’s you and me and I for one confess.

See directors and the stock exchange tax insurance pension plans

All contribute to state control which breaks the tribal clan’s.

You see, the thing we’re taught not to see is the tribe we call our race

Are all the similarities on this earth, this common place.

The only way to kill your foe and enemies defeat

Is to find a way to call them friend – not separate, complete.

Then with our friends we will all wage peace and we will fight against the past

Together making a better future: no more first and no more last.

As in this race we can all win and together cross the line

No longer divided by nation: what is yours is also mine.


It was me it was me just by turning away

I let the wars happen and I let my race stray.

I even encouraged just by going along

blinded by rubbish like a sheep in the throng.

For fears of peers and losing one’s place

I queued in the airport for my chance to deface.

All of the beauty and all the life of this earth

For a recreational journey a chance to rebirth.

Was I blind to the truth or did I do not care

as I boarded the plane that poisoned the air.

then like a surgical knife we cut through the sky

destroying more ozone as we flew so high.

All this visit some far place for a week

and find peace of mind as this I did seek.

I thought that I’d find it that’s what the ad said

‘Travel the world’ ‘this will feed your head’.

‘Guaranteed to refresh’ and ‘rebuild your soul’

but the admen were grave diggers digging our hole.

So I arrived in the paradise that the brochures shown

but the jungles were shrubberies and hotels had grown.

Serviced by roadways and paths all around

and all friendly natives who welcomed my pound.

As I fought through casinos and clubs to the beach

But true peace of mind I never did reach.

Surrounded by tinnies as I sat on the sand

Illusions all shattered this is not what I’d planned.

As speedboats shot by and with planes overhead

I flipped through the brochures to see what they said.

‘Relax in this paradise’ and ‘with heaven compared’

My fears realised, from worried, to petrified scared.

All I’d wanted was quiet and some peace of mind

but even in death this i’d never find.

or that’s what the book said in words that seemed clear

there is nowhere to hide on this Earth we hold dear.

And heavens a mess with noise and crap all around

profiteering angels in paradises lost and found.

So just one week of suffering in this infernal hell

then more polluting travel to the home in which I dwell.

But as I sat there on the beach I met a group of thugs

and with them I did trade some money for illicit drugs.

They gave me some quick lessons on how to get a buzz

And in that hazy headspace I found quite A lot of fuzz.

Then peace of mind abundant whilst sat in my own bile

I sat and shat and pissed and puked for more than just a while.

As reality came back and dark thoughts rose in my head

I remembered what the dormouse said and it was my head I fed.

So one week of fuzzy vomit the shakes and saucer eyes

I staggered to the airport to travel through the skies.

On reaching home found sanctuary I locked and barred the door

The travel book was closed to me I’d journey there no more.



‘Nothing is written in stone you know’ that’s what my mother said,

not seeing the fossil reminent ,of creatures long time dead.

Keep your head down and work hard ,try not to think

this is the advice that’s put my mind on the brink.

Chill out have fun there is nought you can do

apathetic ingredients of a mindnumbing stew.

Firsthand to second hand we while away the hours

minute hand to hour hand the calendar devours .

As page by page and month by month we pass from year to year

passing on a legacy of destructive doubt and fear.

We’re all too scared he will waste our lives we don’t see what we kill

hyper on the mound of sugar that hides the bitter pill.

Caught up in distraction and feeling rather small

too frightened to step out of line in case we start to fall.

We have got to wake up wise up and open our eyes

we’ve got to get real, make real, realise,

To recognise and re-cognate to unite the bigger mind

as hiding their in consciousness is the path that we’ll find.

Free will is the clue to open up the door

To a life that is filled with love and light and with so much more.





Surrounded by many though often alone

Sharing this world sharing our home

Sharing the fate of what might be

Travelling the path of our destiny.

Trying to change for all life’s sake

Trying to fix the last Great mistake

This is my life and my reason to live

This is the treason I have to forgive.

As all of my race can break without care

And spend their lives just so unaware.

How can man own A flower or bee,

Or own the life of a great old oak tree,

Who was born from an acorn Long time passed,

Who stood through the wars and hurricanes blast.

Once part of A Forest now standing free,

So how can man own this magnificent tree,

And how can man own this land we call ours,

Covered in roads for lollies and cars,

And how can we own the land that we farm

taken from nature doing it harm,

covered in poison to increase the yield

once part of a forest know it’s a field,

Soon-to-be desert as topsoils are leeched

as the rocks and the bones of this Earth are bleached

by toxic rain and strong raise from the sun

so is mankind winning this race that he’s run?

This is the challenge to sort out this mess

That causes me pain heartaches and stress

Unconditional love is the path all the way

and the debt of the past mankind can repay.

Then when we’ve given it back we’ll no longer owe

then mankind will truly flourish and grow.

On top of all this we’ll make our own land

this is the root our destiny’s planned.

Then as the suns rays shine down from above

we will all live our lives in Unconditional Love.



It’s trade that’s the root of all evil, not money as it’s often said,

so unless man learns to give freely, we will all end up so dead.

For everything here is sacred ,and all life itself is so scarce, unless man learns to give freely, it will end this great universe.

I am, just, a perspective, the big picture, apparent, and clear

Loves universal bondings can be broken by doubt and fear.

When it is said that man is not ready to take such a giant leap

I become more with drawn, sit silent, alone in sadness to weep.

For something is about to happen and all life has no where to hide

But if man can give we can change this and know we are on the same side.

Man’s life without natures beauty does sound incredibly bleak

we’ll not only destroy our own future but we’ll take it from the meek.

So where can we go with this lesson that nature is trying to teach

Man needs to give like a forest not suck everything dry like a leach.



Bring it on

The many headed dragon will die if it is seen

It will die from straight exposure on this we all are keen

It feeds on war and fear, inaction and self doubt,

If we can learn to lose these things then we’ll have some clout.

Everytime it strikes at us with the long arm of its laws

Chinks appear in it’s defence for us these are the doors.

So this is the way to slay the beast with love and human will

First make yourself into a snack then let it eat it’s fill.

If we step through we’ll see the path that leads straight to its heart

then from deep within its tummy we’ll make that Dragon fart

So here within the arena the worlds eyes cast

and all the heroes gathered for this war against the past.

A bright and cheery future is only steps away

so it’s time to turn our energies from hard work into play.

Life is for fun and the cops are a joke

with love and with laughter we’ll make the beast choke.

Then we’ll pull its strings as its pulled ours and we’ll make that dragon dance

we’ll make it jig then we’ll make it jive then jump onto the lance.

For love this is our armour, Love courage Will and gile

Love courage Will for tooth and claw and gile four the bile.

Then from deep inside we’ll emerge born freshly to the light

Knowing no more enemies we’ll no longer have two fight.

So this is the way it’s all meant to be

As the Love of all life is our cities key,

It’s the key to the heart and the key to the mind

It’ll unshackle the unicorn and peace we will find

and as for the lion, on dead dragon will dine

consuming its master, well, all but the spine.

Then with the Lamb the lion will sleep

all this to me is faiths greatest leap



Theoretical particles so small we’ll never see

Scattered in the darkness, the void, infinity.

Each one alone and lonely, insular yet free,

Unaware of nothing, no matter, gravity?

Through mutual attraction across infinite time and space,

First, though very slowly, the finite began to race

Accelerating as it gathered in mass and pace.

No matter, yet potential but lacking grace

As they huddled ever tighter against the cold and dark,

The mass they held was critical but lacking one bright spark.

Invisible yet indivisible held firm the centre mark,

Then unstoppable the final piece found its place to park.

Unstoppable met immovable and embraced in constant change,

And through a chain reaction, potential rearrange.

So matter came from nothing? In this singularity?

And shone upon the darkness that is infinity.

Then the sun that had no fuel exploded into space,

Scattering half its matter from gravity’s embrace.

When there’s action, there’s reaction and the core was squashed so tight.

Then in time, we see the birth of the day and night.

The matter as it rushed into the void before the speed of light

Condensed colossal nebuli, gave birth to suns so bright,

Some of these in turn exploded in their cosmic way

And so was born our sun that lights our every day.

So these seven cosmic days spread before us in our time

They are all we know – our history, a passage in a rhyme.

Well, tomorrow is another day, as time and space are tools

To open up our consciousness, make them shine as precious jewels.


Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and Jew

what is the thing that links all of you

Well it’s not your race your colour or creed

It seems to be a fath that you all need

A faith in a being so mighty and great

Who only knows love and doesn’t know hate

A being who created both heavens and Earth

and gave to our parents a place to give birth

It made all creation which it thought of as good

it made serpents from Clay and trees out of wood

But did it make rules so man wouldn’t stray

Or are these rules man’ kept till this day

A way to hold power and make a profit from week

A way to command and hide the truth that we seek

If all men are equal and no mans on top

how will the priesthood get part of the crop?

And as it is God who owns all the land,

a tythe to the church must be placed in their hand.

Now through time powers been taken from that God

and given straight to money, mammon the sod.

A god of pure profit who seems to despise

All that is good and our natural ties.

As through the banks they worship thier god

though none see their profit as nasty or odd.

So every penny is taken from the poor and weak

And passed on up to the rich who think themselves meek.

For they shall inherit, all they’ve defiled,

and when it’s all gone then things will turn wild.

When the starving have died and that are no more poor

maybe at last they’ll understand it some more.

For we are gifted this life this time and this present

In order to share and make life more pleasant.



Sticks and stones may break our bones but words

should never hurt us


Fear is the enemy of freedom, and freedom needs no gun.

Freedom knows no enemies – that’s why freedom’s on the run.

See, freedom is against the law, yet loves the heart of man;

It may not like the person, but love and freedom are the plan.

Now the person is a legal term, for freedom it’s a link,

Part of a mighty anchor chain, to help poor freedom sink.

Freedom is equality – that’s equality for all.

Economics doesn’t work like that – that’s why it has to fall.

Freedom knows only to Love, with equality to share,

So freedom tries to break the chains of all flocks they ensnare.

Free will Lives in Freedom – can freedom set will free?

Will we will our freedom? Can knowledge be the key?

Knowledge can make slaves of us, controlled by doubt and fear

Of us, and them, and strangers, and anything that’s queer.

Through regimental teaching styles and the equality of class

We’re taught: a form of mind control, understand or never pass.

So here it is, we understand. Look up, we stand beneath a ‘peer’.

Respect authority: the command, called love, they give us fear.

So we’re taught lies and lies and lies by liars in many layers

Understanding liars lies beneath our lack of cares.

The truth you’ll see in freedom, for freedom needs no lie.

So we’ll see if we can get there before all of life does die.

Freedom will always turn its cheek seventy seven times or more,

For peace and love are the arms that justice takes to war.

The truth is very scary, like the future that we deny.

When truth, love and justice take on war, then war is sure to die

Nationality, religion, race, colour and creed:

Our divisions held by history, not the future that we need.

If in freedom we act as one, equals all round a sphere,

In truth with love united, we will have no more use of fear.

Truth loves freedom and equality, not the us and them divide.

In freedom we will see this: the gap’s not very wide.

Mind the Gap, gap the mind, a space, a hole, a key to find

When we unlock and set us free, for freedom love and liberty.

So if justice is as just as just, and truth is told, so trust is trust.

We break the chains and turn the key: with just minds, think Liberty.

So what’s the cost to you and me if we dare set poor will free?

We’ll probably feel all of the blame, and we will have to process all of the shame.

And with will we’ll find the aim, and the way to play the game.

To step into the future, we must put the past behind.

Why is this so scary, WHATEVER we shall find?

Well in the past, we took the past and laid it out before;

In truth there was no future as war repeated war.

So we’ve never known the future, addicted to the past –

Customs based in history and booty we’ve amassed.

Money and power are nasty drugs they deafen and they blind

They qualify and subjugate, controlling almost every mind.

Some beliefs are good beliefs that very seldom harm

Like Perma culture: to live as one, sharing as we farm.

Now I believe, that I believe, that belief is very strange:

It’s another little mind game that we can rearrange.

The question’s not what I do believe; the question’s really why?

Like the value of our money? and why elephants don’t fly?

Ownership’s? another one: the mill stone round our necks.

Lighten up, play the game, drop the jokers from the decks.

The one hand that we need to play is the hand of love

We should raise it to our hearts sometimes and wear it like a glove.

If every hand in every land with will, will wear one glove

We will unite in freedom and the sound will




Drifting alone in the dark

Within the pitch of living night

A tiny little distant spark

shone out for me to sight


As I gravitate towards you

You are my shining star

As a world I revolve around you

As you light me from afar

You say I do the same for you

In a stimulating way

Maybe we’re both bright stars

In some cosmic milky way


Then I can’t help wondering

Just who is it that we are

We both shine out so brightly

We must be a pulsar


Twinkling in the night sky

For all about to see

You and me are one thing

And that it our destiny.



You have taught me something

You thought I ought to know

You thought it might be something

To help poor me to grow

Then again, again, again

the same lesson came some more

what is in this lesson

which way is the door.

Well I guess I’ve learned that lesson

Just like Pavlovs dulcet drone

I must have been such a pain

And now I’m so alone.

Separated by separation ,

Divided by divide,

Lost alone and lonely,

Nowhere left to hide.

Tears fall like raindrops,

In a monsoon tempest way,

And puddles form, and rainbows,

When the sun breaks through to play.

In the puddles are reflections,

For all that want to see,

And reflections can be teachers,

When we let them free.

So embrace your tears, let them flow

Let them wash away the past,

For tomorrow we must grow

and we must grow really fast.

Those tears, they help to germinate

your hearts true loving seed

It’s the tree of life inside you

Not some parasitic weed.

This tree it’s good to nurture

Its fruit truly shines with light

It fills your heart with laughter,

And shields you in a fight.



I’m not scared by Al Quaeda

I’m not scared by the atom bomb.

That which really scares me

Is the way we carry on,

For we live in a bubble

and don’t see the trouble

as we poison the air that’s our breath.

we turn forests to stubble

mountains to rubble

blind to the path of our death.

Now what’s really cruel

Is by burning our fuel

In furnace, planes, fires, and cars

and in our haste

we turn up all to waste

destroying that that’s not even ours.

Well what are our needs

and what are our greeds

within this circle we call our life.

We must learn to forgive

and then how to give

or never end all of the strife.




Positive words and actions are to the self a benefit,

Whilst negating words and actions cause a world of shit.

Through the word itself every time you talk you make reality

and if you start to walk your talk you’ll really start to see.

Freedom lives inside your heart it makes that organ beat

It pumps blood up to your brain and right down to your feet.

In fact it lives in every cell in big self and in small

The micro and macro cosmic juggling ball.

Well that describes our universe and as I said there’s more,

For freedom means with consciousness open to explore.

It also means to really care with an open loving mind,

as in shared equality, with respect for all we find.

Cooperative Independence within the workings of the brain,

A single nervous system, for both pleasure and for pain.

It’s our choice, or so it’s said, on how we do perceive,

Or how or what we give out and what we do receive.

We have to learn to really shine and share that inner glow,

Polishing up each other’s mirrors, everywhere we go.

As consciousness reflecting shines from every heart

and mirrored light as laser beams sparkle as they dart,

From conscious mind to conscious mind then on to conscious deed,

as on this recreational journey we all must plant the seed

It’s the seed of love the seed of hope and the seed of all that’s good,

and when the seed is allowed to grow it will stand as all life should,

It will stand and know no fear as True Love knows no bound,

Its voice will stand out clearly above any other sound.

It is the drive, the breath of life, the air that we inspire

It is the common love of all and like the sun it is the fire.

So when we learn to turn this on tune in and then drop out,

Part of us has missed the mark, it’s that little bit called doubt.

It’s not about dropping out or dropping anything at all

Its more like reuniting with the ever constant all.

Then we get to the awkward date that part of you that I call me

Though I don’t mean me as ownership though this is sometimes hard to see.

So when we start to take apart the ego and the thought

This is the part with an open heart confusion we may thwart

With the clarity of absence of everything but light,

And there are no more darkened corners or enemies to fight.

With no more misunderstanding or ego on the top

For the first step on this journey we’ve got wars to stop.

As we pack our travel bags we’ll leave guns and bombs behind

they have no place in our future not even for the blind.

No more hierarchy or monopolies control,

A better world can be our one and only goal,

To make a better place to live with beauty here to share,

Now is the time to make that change if in your heart you dare.


Try not to look, just walk on by,

Don’t think of your actions, as round the world you fly.

Don’t see the results, as in blindness you run,

As the taxes you pay, make every gun.

Try not to think, as this hurts you inside,

With eyes firmly closed, behind apathy hide.

Blame someone else, it easy this way.

Follow bad rules, try not to stray.

Ignoring the truth for a life full of ease,

This highly infectious contagious disease.

For security, Comfort, to impress, or to please,

We poison the air and cut down the trees.

To gain is the goal, to have as much as one dare,

we strip all the land with style and with flair.

We fight for the right to ignore the pain,

To end all the suffering by removing the brain.

As we fill it with rubbish, the things we’’need’’

Temptation dazzles as we’re lured towards greed.

Then just like fish we rise to the bait,

There’s no time to change, we think we’re too late.

Turn your head now, look the other way,

Close your eyes tightly, try not to stray.

As there is no choice no chance and no change,

And through blinkered blindness, we can’t rearrange,

All of our habits our lust ,need and greed

Addicted to money, as on this we feed.

Divided from nature, we rely on her gift,

We need to wake up, make consciousness shift.

We need to be open, as well as aware,

Willing with action, to show that we care.

Revolutions called for, when its evolution we need,

you we need to go forwards, by planting loves seed,

Deep in fertile forrows of every brain

Seeds of pure peace, to and all the pain.

We need to unite and untie the noose,

Put war behind us, by starting A truce.

Then we’ll disarm, and live the green way,

Listening to children, learning through play.

Making the ploughs of tomorrow, from the swords of the past.

Reducing our intake, whilst reshaping the cast,

And then we will poor from the furnace of our heart,

Pure molten love, as the future, we start.



Infinite imaginations kept in check by human wills

Surely this is the bitterest of all the bitter pills

For if we shared this Life of ours and opened up our mind

Universal consciousness will be ours too fine

Then will we will and will any way to build ourselves tomorrow

A place of joy for all to share and an end to sorry

For when we’re playing on the same side aiming at just one goal

Then at last we’ll recognise we are all just one soul

As many sides a diamond each race a single face

Just where is it that we’re running in this our human race?


In the tapestry of life there’s many tangles and a little twist,

And somewhere there is something that all of us have missed.

Its a single strand of consciousness thoughts strung in a list,

A string of rhyme and reason if you get the gist.

If we step back and take a look at this Gordian mess we find

With effort we can unpick the fabric of our mind

Through Spin A yarn that causes Harm has stitched up and entwined

it’s darned blinkers for humanity so like needles eyes were blind.

So how can we untangle this warped and weary weave

And find somewhere in a fibre A filament to believe

Through conception of a theory in line one can conceive

ironing out the plats and pleats ready to perceive

When we perceive the weft and warp as a single thread

A cord which we embroider from thoughts inside our head.

well that thread of truth we all adorn with all that we are Fed

Is stifled in a furball cocooned and almost dead.

They say it’s always wrong to tease but hair’s a little twist

Unless we pull apart this furball we’ll choke and then desist.

So for the greater love of life and everyone you’ve kissed

If we try hard were sure to card with a sweep of just one wrist

So tease we will and separate this one true loving Strand

And all who wish to join the dance can hold it in there hand

Then we’ll weave with loving steps across every single land

A tapestry of beauty that all of life has planned.



Unite and conquer divide and rule.

Separation is the Devils only tool.

We live in a bubble and breathe the same air.

Some try to break some try to care.

We’re stuck in a rut and driven by greed,

And why should I care about the things that you need?

We need the same things in order to Live,

So when I can take why should I give?

And why should I care when it causes you pain?

Or clean up the mess that makes acid rain?

And why should I try to clean up the mess?

That doesn’t touch me but causes distress

And why should I, Learned how to care

Learn how to love, or just be aware?



The struggle to end slavery was a drop in all vast sea’s

Some fought and gave their lives in this quest for liberties.

Then this struggle against the past fired many a war,

And nows the time to fight again for Earth and life and more.

For deep inside our every heart within our one great soul,

There is a truth that unites us all, and makes separate parts one whole.

when we start acting all as one the problems will dissolve

And all the conflicts of our past with will we will resolve.

The War on Terror we’ll only win when all nations do disarm,

Until that time its fear alone that will continue to cause harm.

For fear does make slaves of us it imprisons mind and heart,

It blinds us to and causes hate, and this is just a start.

When we run blind we crash and burn all about that’s good,

We don’t see the life that’s in the trees we only see the wood.

Our money brings us security as does the gun and wall,

but nature does not use these things that’s why we’re going to fall.

And just like Humpty Dumpty we’re all about to crash,

For to fix it all takes loving hearts and not a pile of cash.

If we can end our ownership, it will wipe out theft as well,

then all with peace and love will share this earth on which we dwell.




Have you ever sat and wondered why?

or thought so deep as time passed by?

For every form there is a function every bit has got its place,

And somehow we’ve forgotten this in this our human race.

We’ve run right by, or looked straight by, as for us our time is short,

Caught up in distraction, Life without A thought.

As we fill our heads with nonsense the things I ‘need’ to live,

Not seeing that in truth it’s me that has to give.

I am who I am, that’s me, you, he or she,

it’s the way it’s always been, it is the way to be.

When I think of who I am, or who or what is me,

I find that I am nothing without the love of thee.

So loves the word, the choice has always been,

But blinkered by delusions, loves not what we’ve seen.

A flower is the genitals of an innocent captive being,

A token of our love or grief, castrations we’re not seeing.

And as the sun continues to rise on this ever spinning ball,

I see my fate as your fate and know the mighty fall.

Caught up in confusion or lost within the sway,

The light we Known as consciousness shines to guide our way.

So back to me and who I am, I am the waters that I drink,

The air I breathe, the food I eat, and more to make me think.

The body in which I dwell is made from historys fight,

Time that goes beyond most thought, before the start of light.

But all the same,the flesh, the earth, living part of me,

My breath that is connected to every leaf of every tree.

But that’s not me, not who I am, not who I am but what?

The consciousness that’s within this form, that which is, it is not.

So I am all the things I see, and everything I do,

Or am I as I am, as you and me are two, in who?

Now we’ll start to look away not at who or what we’re not,

And look towards our function, the thing that we’ve forgot.

We are here to realise Paradise as for us this is the course,

the tools we need are love and peace, there is no room for force.

Free will is the only route, the path that’s free to walk,

And times to share with all of life when we walk our talk.







Jesus he was lucky for he had a mum and dad,

God was not so lucky; for him the story’s sad.

For fifty thousand trillion years floating out in space,

She never had a mum or dad, a tribe or even race.

He had no thought of consciousness or trees in which to climb,

She had no thought of boredom as he had no concept, Time.

For another hundred thousand billion trillion years he grew as babies do,

Then in a single blink of conscious light gave birth to me and you.

So in that tiny moment that synaptic spark of light,

Shone within the darkness and made the day and night.

And in the tiny moment he made the birds and flowers,

She made so many things the list alone would last many many hours.

To tend and mend and nurture each and every part,

This mighty cosmic being opened up its heart.

In less than half a heart beat the universe unfurled,

Giving light to milky ways and places like this world.

He filled them all with beauty and helped them interact,

She gave the flowers bumblebees but with us he made a pact.

“If you look after all of this for you there is free will –

Freedom to roam around creation in which there is no bill.”

For freedom means free to choose with every living breath,

To walk right down the path of life or drive to the planes of death.

Freedom needs no capital; money’s not where it does dwell,

But cash supplies the highways on which we drive to Hell.

Money has bought many things: the gun, the bomb, the sword,

Slaves and whores and junkies sprawled across the board.

Greedy little creatures – it’s our money god we crave,

Not caring how much of consciousness we give an early grave.

It’s now time to turn away, pay the ferry man no more,

Stop breaking the creation, for love’s the only law.

Love’s not time but energy with harmonic vibrant pitch,

It spins together atoms and with molecules does stitch.

It weaves and then embroiders with life a single thread,

Adorning in this tapestry the thoughts inside god’s head.

Then we little humans just love to make a mess,

We cause a cosmic headache and universal piles of stress.

We never stop our yammer of what’s happening in opera’s soap,

Or judging and condemning who’s to dance upon the rope.

When we break so many rules – well, the rules of greedy man,

Who possesses what and owns, who buys the laws as money can.

Who sells us all the loans, and who sells us mortgage debt,

Who fills our heads with knowledge, whilst Life we do forget.

Now the greater consciousness has nothing left to give,

So will we keep on taking until nothing more can live?

Will we keep on breaking sprinkling poison all around?

Digging up the path of life for a terminal runway ground?

Or can we start to give it back? Can we learn to share?

Can we open up our little hearts, and learn a skill called care?


If You Follow



If you follow a premise that the big reflects the small

in the dressing room of Life, we are the mirrors that we install.

If we see the microcosm as nothing more than thought

And we know we are the answers that all of us have sought.

The solution’s all clear, not some thick and tacky sludge,

No more millstones around our necks and no more daily drudge.

For the answer to life is you’ve got to have a laugh

With a baptism of giggles in this crazy bubble bath.

Sharing joy and pleasure, making history history,

Fitting together all the jigsaw bits to solve this mystery.

So in the bigger picture, this has got to make you smile

We’ve been all the actors in Life’s film, and we have been for a while.

As we’re playing out our bit parts though for each a leading role

We are all the stars upon life’s stage, a reflected conscious soul.

in each and every lifetime we’ve had different parts to play

Though none of us are type-cast, most in good character stay.

And as all of us are one thing then you’re a part of me

Conscious light reflected, notes in a tactile symphony.

Well now’s the time to change the script, that painful story line

the director’s got a better one and the ending seems just fine.

So put those fears far away as the end is just part two,

And in the beginning of part three we all have work to do.

As we’re set for restoration with Paradise to recreate

Love and pleasure are our guides they are the pillars of our fate.



It’s strange, it is, the way we live –

the things we take, the things we give.

It’s odd we have such blinkered eyes

that don’t see truths, but love the lies.

We must love ourselves to love another,

love Father, Son, Earth and Mother.

We must learn to love that which we hate,

to stop the grind and stop the grate,

or we’ll turn the lot to ash and dust.

This, to me, does not sound just.

Not just unjust but really weird:

to run headlong to the place most feared,

unconscious oblivion purgatory blank –

through us all life is walking this plank.

So when we say Love, what do we mean?

And by lifting the blinkers, what will be seen?

To look past the past and know how to face

an infinite future where all can embrace

no boundaries of race, culture or creeds,

sharing our home, ending all needs.

Know One

Know one can make a difference

Know one can change it all

Know one can learn the lessons

Or know one in fractions will fall

Know one can look to the future

Know one can learn from the past

Know one’s free will is all they have

And know one can change really fast

Know one can look in the mirror

Know one can see their own fate

Know one can truly love and care

Or know one will leave it too late

Know one can live without envy

Know one can wake from the sleep

Know one can stop all the violence

And know one can take faith’s leap

Know one can stop all the wars

Know one can stop all the crime

Know one can take the right action

Or know one will run out of time






What are words worth?


I wandered lonely as a clown

across the seas of human apathy,

wondering what it was went down

in this our strange reality.


As I wandered, smiling bright

across the surface of the gloom,

I felt I was the only light

in this eternal darkened room


I will not fade, and this I know

against the odds as this may be,

for I have learnt how to grow

and stem the tides of apathy


For with you I share a dream

that started with a tiny seed

and one day we will all gleam

when lifted into Love from greed


Love is Light and Love the Star

that shines upon this human sea.

Love connects us from afar,

for Love, Light and Life are symmetry.

Mine is a very deep hole

Mine is a very deep hole that leads straight down to Hell,

For whatever’s owned is possessed by beings who in Hell dwell.

Money, sales, ownership, across the diocese.

Whilst oil, planes and warfare force Life on to its knees.

Nuclear power and tarmac are not the path or way,

Just cons and clever adverts to help the meek to stray .

So as we drive the roads of death, to the planes of Hell

And just for mine make pitprops from every tree we fell.

We’ve been blinded by the devil’s means and his daemonic host.

We’ve lost sight of father, sun and Holy ghost.

We’ve been blinkered by consumption which cons both you and me,

Sold by our parents’ capitalism this world god made for free.

So for freedom and economy we’re forced to take our turn,

And through our education it’s more lies that we learn.

Separation from an early age as by class we do divide,

No longer one creation as the truth we’re taught to hide.

So as the lies perpetuate and we split atoms apart

With deception and with torture we break god’s bleeding heart.

We were made for re-creation, responsibility as well

To look after planet Eden: god’s jewel on which we dwell.

How now can we break the chains that limit thought and deed

To open up our consciousness and grow god’s loving seed?

The first step is self sacrifice to give and give and give

and when we will too take this step we’ll really start to live.

It will take lots of loving energy to sort out this unholy mess

And make new friends from enemies as balance we redress.

When we find the common ground like the air that we expire,

Feeds the flowers and the trees – connections all entire.

So every tiny little bit is part of us and you and me

Connected in so many ways though some are hard to see.

Well now we get to the hardest part, the reason I take drugs,

Part of me is Bush and Blair and all gun-toting thugs.

There’s a part of me that’s mental and a part that’s quite insane,

A part of me makes motor cars and part does fly by plane.

There’s a part of me that’s stupid and a part of me that’s sad,

There’s a part of me that’s reckless and a part of me that’s bad.

So it’s up to me and me and me and I and I and I

To shed some light into the dark or all of life will die.

Now’s the time to stop a while, and while we sit and think

To find a way for consciousness to lift us from the brink .

Then like the AA’s 12 step programme put addictions far behind

And without the use of our money drug, solutions we must find.

To share with Life has got to be the only reasoned course

To gift with Love straight from the heart, without the use of force.

We really must restructure and find a way to Live

With a foundation of loving humanity and the Will to give.

Time to Wake Up

It is time to wake up from the nightmare that we are creating with our unconscious actions. 60 billion people, all claiming to be incapable of making a difference, make a difference with their every action. 60 billion people, each pointing at another and saying they will not change.

So many people saying peace will never happen in my lifetime,

What are they truly saying?

Why do we limit ourselves so freely?

Is our individual fear of failure so great that it makes us incapable of right action?

What are our values?

As a race we need to become independent self-reliant and responsible, at the moment we are dependent and reliant upon our natural environment, which we’re responsible for poisoning polluting and generally degrading in a very irresponsible manner.

The relationship that we man have with our host the earth is at present a parasitic one, this needs to change.

The relationship that man needs to have with our host planet is a Symbiotic one, a relationship that benefits all of life.

Change is needed very much sooner rather than later, if we choose to leave it any longer than we already have there will be no point in doing anything at all.


Freedom, only by being free to make the right decisions can we make the right decisions.

When we were born a birth certificate was drawn up and sent to the registrar, in this moment we became the property of the registrar. Any or all property that is registered becomes the property of the registrar, when you buy a car you consider yourself the owner of that car, when you register your car you receive a document stating that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, so you changed from owner to keeper. If you take or move a vehicle which for you you consider inappropriately parked it would be classified as theft, if the police or anyone with a license from the registrar wishes to remove your vehicle that is perfectly within the law. In the same way if you were to take a person off the street and lock them up because they caused you some form of offence, this would be kidnap.

If a policeman or someone else who has been given a license from the registrar takes you from the street or your house or anywhere else it is perfectly legal. Your property, house or land can be compulsory purchased from you, you will be compensated with money that chosen token given to slaves. The name we were given is a slave name. We are then educated to fit in to a dysfunctional society, we are trained to be dysfunctional. money forms the slave chains of humanity. Its mere existence denies the existence of equality. The support of money is the support of the ivory hunters, all armed conflict, and all environmental degradation and many other habits and customs to which we have become accustomed most of which have no long-term benefits for life.



The Angel and the Beast



An Angel supports the one shoulder,

the beast leans on the other side

ego in the middle

balanced on its pride.

Angel says, ‘Just take a step, we’ll walk the extra mile.’

The beast then says, ‘Turn the key – we’ll both arrive in style.’

The angel pants, ‘I can’t keep up, you’re going far too fast,

it’s the wrong way, think Dodo, or yours will be the past.’

The beast with its seductive tone,

puts down your foot, hands you the phone.

Reaches down, turns up the heat.

Snow outside, but cosy feet.

As the angel runs the dotted lines

Dodging lorries, leaping signs

Through the blizzard squinting tight,

Beyond endurance, through the night.

Dodging cans that some beasts throw,

Choking on the acid snow.

Then the beast plays its hand

Whilst speeding down this road it’s planned.

It hands the phone, the talk’s of cash!

The shares are up … then the crash.

The beast is there, it’s got its goal:

For it you’re just another soul.

The beast departs, or leaves the scene: carnage all around, gloating in its victory, hellward it is bound.

Well the angel tries to break your fall, or catch you as you fly

It believes in life immortal and doesn’t want for you to die.

It guides the paramedics and guides the surgeon’s loving hand

This angel never leave your side, this was never what it planned,

For you the plan was paradise, for freedom and for Love

Equality of life for all and no man put above.

The plan was peace and freedom, but freedom needs no cash:

by money’s chain we’ll all remain imprisoned, until the crash.