If You Follow



If you follow a premise that the big reflects the small

in the dressing room of Life, we are the mirrors that we install.

If we see the microcosm as nothing more than thought

And we know we are the answers that all of us have sought.

The solution’s all clear, not some thick and tacky sludge,

No more millstones around our necks and no more daily drudge.

For the answer to life is you’ve got to have a laugh

With a baptism of giggles in this crazy bubble bath.

Sharing joy and pleasure, making history history,

Fitting together all the jigsaw bits to solve this mystery.

So in the bigger picture, this has got to make you smile

We’ve been all the actors in Life’s film, and we have been for a while.

As we’re playing out our bit parts though for each a leading role

We are all the stars upon life’s stage, a reflected conscious soul.

in each and every lifetime we’ve had different parts to play

Though none of us are type-cast, most in good character stay.

And as all of us are one thing then you’re a part of me

Conscious light reflected, notes in a tactile symphony.

Well now’s the time to change the script, that painful story line

the director’s got a better one and the ending seems just fine.

So put those fears far away as the end is just part two,

And in the beginning of part three we all have work to do.

As we’re set for restoration with Paradise to recreate

Love and pleasure are our guides they are the pillars of our fate.

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