Mine is a very deep hole

Mine is a very deep hole that leads straight down to Hell,

For whatever’s owned is possessed by beings who in Hell dwell.

Money, sales, ownership, across the diocese.

Whilst oil, planes and warfare force Life on to its knees.

Nuclear power and tarmac are not the path or way,

Just cons and clever adverts to help the meek to stray .

So as we drive the roads of death, to the planes of Hell

And just for mine make pitprops from every tree we fell.

We’ve been blinded by the devil’s means and his daemonic host.

We’ve lost sight of father, sun and Holy ghost.

We’ve been blinkered by consumption which cons both you and me,

Sold by our parents’ capitalism this world god made for free.

So for freedom and economy we’re forced to take our turn,

And through our education it’s more lies that we learn.

Separation from an early age as by class we do divide,

No longer one creation as the truth we’re taught to hide.

So as the lies perpetuate and we split atoms apart

With deception and with torture we break god’s bleeding heart.

We were made for re-creation, responsibility as well

To look after planet Eden: god’s jewel on which we dwell.

How now can we break the chains that limit thought and deed

To open up our consciousness and grow god’s loving seed?

The first step is self sacrifice to give and give and give

and when we will too take this step we’ll really start to live.

It will take lots of loving energy to sort out this unholy mess

And make new friends from enemies as balance we redress.

When we find the common ground like the air that we expire,

Feeds the flowers and the trees – connections all entire.

So every tiny little bit is part of us and you and me

Connected in so many ways though some are hard to see.

Well now we get to the hardest part, the reason I take drugs,

Part of me is Bush and Blair and all gun-toting thugs.

There’s a part of me that’s mental and a part that’s quite insane,

A part of me makes motor cars and part does fly by plane.

There’s a part of me that’s stupid and a part of me that’s sad,

There’s a part of me that’s reckless and a part of me that’s bad.

So it’s up to me and me and me and I and I and I

To shed some light into the dark or all of life will die.

Now’s the time to stop a while, and while we sit and think

To find a way for consciousness to lift us from the brink .

Then like the AA’s 12 step programme put addictions far behind

And without the use of our money drug, solutions we must find.

To share with Life has got to be the only reasoned course

To gift with Love straight from the heart, without the use of force.

We really must restructure and find a way to Live

With a foundation of loving humanity and the Will to give.

Time to Wake Up

It is time to wake up from the nightmare that we are creating with our unconscious actions. 60 billion people, all claiming to be incapable of making a difference, make a difference with their every action. 60 billion people, each pointing at another and saying they will not change.

So many people saying peace will never happen in my lifetime,

What are they truly saying?

Why do we limit ourselves so freely?

Is our individual fear of failure so great that it makes us incapable of right action?

What are our values?

As a race we need to become independent self-reliant and responsible, at the moment we are dependent and reliant upon our natural environment, which we’re responsible for poisoning polluting and generally degrading in a very irresponsible manner.

The relationship that we man have with our host the earth is at present a parasitic one, this needs to change.

The relationship that man needs to have with our host planet is a Symbiotic one, a relationship that benefits all of life.

Change is needed very much sooner rather than later, if we choose to leave it any longer than we already have there will be no point in doing anything at all.


Freedom, only by being free to make the right decisions can we make the right decisions.

When we were born a birth certificate was drawn up and sent to the registrar, in this moment we became the property of the registrar. Any or all property that is registered becomes the property of the registrar, when you buy a car you consider yourself the owner of that car, when you register your car you receive a document stating that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, so you changed from owner to keeper. If you take or move a vehicle which for you you consider inappropriately parked it would be classified as theft, if the police or anyone with a license from the registrar wishes to remove your vehicle that is perfectly within the law. In the same way if you were to take a person off the street and lock them up because they caused you some form of offence, this would be kidnap.

If a policeman or someone else who has been given a license from the registrar takes you from the street or your house or anywhere else it is perfectly legal. Your property, house or land can be compulsory purchased from you, you will be compensated with money that chosen token given to slaves. The name we were given is a slave name. We are then educated to fit in to a dysfunctional society, we are trained to be dysfunctional. money forms the slave chains of humanity. Its mere existence denies the existence of equality. The support of money is the support of the ivory hunters, all armed conflict, and all environmental degradation and many other habits and customs to which we have become accustomed most of which have no long-term benefits for life.



The Angel and the Beast



An Angel supports the one shoulder,

the beast leans on the other side

ego in the middle

balanced on its pride.

Angel says, ‘Just take a step, we’ll walk the extra mile.’

The beast then says, ‘Turn the key – we’ll both arrive in style.’

The angel pants, ‘I can’t keep up, you’re going far too fast,

it’s the wrong way, think Dodo, or yours will be the past.’

The beast with its seductive tone,

puts down your foot, hands you the phone.

Reaches down, turns up the heat.

Snow outside, but cosy feet.

As the angel runs the dotted lines

Dodging lorries, leaping signs

Through the blizzard squinting tight,

Beyond endurance, through the night.

Dodging cans that some beasts throw,

Choking on the acid snow.

Then the beast plays its hand

Whilst speeding down this road it’s planned.

It hands the phone, the talk’s of cash!

The shares are up … then the crash.

The beast is there, it’s got its goal:

For it you’re just another soul.

The beast departs, or leaves the scene: carnage all around, gloating in its victory, hellward it is bound.

Well the angel tries to break your fall, or catch you as you fly

It believes in life immortal and doesn’t want for you to die.

It guides the paramedics and guides the surgeon’s loving hand

This angel never leave your side, this was never what it planned,

For you the plan was paradise, for freedom and for Love

Equality of life for all and no man put above.

The plan was peace and freedom, but freedom needs no cash:

by money’s chain we’ll all remain imprisoned, until the crash.







Only the Self

It is only the self that can profit.

It is only the self that can gain.

It is only the self that sheds its tears

from laughter, Love and pain.

It is only the self that gets lonely,

As it is only the self that can care

And it is only by self-realisation

that the self can become self-aware.

So it is only the self that is selfish,

as only the self can be less

And it’s only the self that is everything –

That’s why I’m in such a mess.

For only the self can cause doubt

And only the self can cause fear

And it’s only the self that can mess things up –

the things the self holds dear.

So if only the self learns the lessons

Before it leaves it too late

Or the self by not recognising

Will doom its self to an unconscious fate.