Balin is a poet, philosopher and renunciate. He lives in Devon.


Through my education, man stands above the tree!

When I am in the forest the tree stands next to me,

my brother tree can’t own the lands,

For ownership’s in man’s hands.

So man is taught to own the tree,

And made hardships through history.



Do you do the big picture? Do you want to? Help me help you help those who need help most. self-service, good service peace lovers only.

To sort out the problems that we’re experiencing at present will take us in a radically different direction than the one that we are on.

The planet has no way of paying us for the rectification of our past action. Every single person during every moment of their life makes a difference, whether that difference is beneficial or not is dependent upon the actions and interactions and reactions to those actions and interactions. To learn to live in a manner which is beneficial makes no sense when the infrastructure in which the individual lives negates the life of the individual. Being healthy in a toxic environment means you will experience more of its demise. However to be of benefit to your natural environment is to be of benefit to yourself! The healthier the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat, the healthier I am able to be.

The tools and practices of our history have generated results that are not compatible with a viable sustainable long term future, we need new tools and new practices.

Before we generate the new tools we must decide which of the old is worth replicating and which should be put in a museum.

We are all on a journey; the only things that we will find at the end of our journey will be the things that we take with us. If we take the right things with us, the journey will be pleasant and the destination as close to paradise as we could ever dream. If we take guns and bombs, et cetera, the journey will be bloody, unpleasant, much shorter, and ending in a place that I would rather not imagine.

This is a choice, it affects our lives, it affects all life.

We are part of life not apart from it.

let’s make a new world.








I                         all of life               find the ballance?

————       or       ————

all of life                         I                     do the maths!


What is cooperative interdependence?

who’s am i ? and how!


can a DoDo be a teacher and a lesson learnt?


Let me be very clear about the Emperor’s clothes,

Transparency or slight of hand?







It is time to wake up from the nightmare that we are creating with our unconscious actions. 60 billion people, all claiming to be incapable of making a difference, make a difference with their every action. 60 billion people, each pointing at another and saying they will not change.

So many people saying peace will never happen in my lifetime,

What are they truly saying?

Why do we limit ourselves so freely?

Is our individual fear of failure so great that it makes us incapable of right action?

What are our values?

As a race we need to become independent self-reliant and responsible, at the moment we are dependent and reliant upon our natural environment, which we’re responsible for poisoning polluting and generally degrading in a very irresponsible manner.

The relationship that we man have with our host the earth is at present a parasitic one, this needs to change.

The relationship that man needs to have with our host planet is a Symbiotic one, a relationship that benefits all of life.

Change is needed very much sooner rather than later, if we choose to leave it any longer than we already have there will be no point in doing anything at all.


Freedom, only by being free to make the right decisions can we make the right decisions.

When we were born a birth certificate was drawn up and sent to the registrar, in this moment we became the property of the registrar. Any or all property that is registered becomes the property of the registrar, when you buy a car you consider yourself the owner of that car, when you register your car you receive a document stating that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, so you changed from owner to keeper. If you take or move a vehicle which for you you consider inappropriately parked it would be classified as theft, if the police or anyone with a license from the registrar wishes to remove your vehicle that is perfectly within the law. In the same way if you were to take a person off the street and lock them up because they caused you some form of offence, this would be kidnap.

If a policeman or someone else who has been given a license from the registrar takes you from the street or your house or anywhere else it is perfectly legal. Your property, house or land can be compulsory purchased from you, you will be compensated with money that chosen token given to slaves. The name we were given is a slave name. We are then educated to fit in to a dysfunctional society, we are trained to be dysfunctional. money forms the slave chains of humanity. Its mere existence denies the existence of equality. The support of money is the support of the ivory hunters, all armed conflict, and all environmental degradation and many other habits and customs to which we have become accustomed most of which have no long-term benefits for life.


Form and function.

Everything has a form and a function.

Most things are unaware as far as we know of either,

We however have a large brain an ability to communicate,

And an ability to comprehend complicated conceptions and conceptualisations.

The question of why are we here? or what is it all about?

So are we the question the questioner or the answer?

Or is it possible that we all are all three?

Perspectives, angles or directions from which something is viewed, perception is skewed by perspective,

Where we stand on a matter or where we view it from will directly influence our individual perception of that matter.

‘I am here to help realise Paradise on Earth!’

Evolution wants to evolve, that’s what it does habitually.

Man likes the security of stasis, this is not evolution, the status quo that man imposes upon evolutionary environment is creating devolution.

As an entire race man needs to grow up, take a good look at itself, and decide on the Best direction in which to go forth.

The influence the man has on the natural environment is probably described Best by the Dodo,

Most people think that the Dodo is nothing more than an extinct Bird, wiped out by hungry mariners.

For me the Dodo is a teacher, and as such still lives,

The lessons from the dodo are as follows:

  1. Man can have A detrimental effect upon the natural environment.

2.Being too slow or reluctant to change will not increase your chance for long term survival. Evolve or die.


Unless we can be aware of our circumstances and be able to adapt ourselves to fit in with our environment our influence upon that environment will be detrimental not only to that environment but also in the longer term to ourselfs.

Whereas if we can find a way to be of a benefit to all of Life, to the health and vitality of the environment in which we live, then our influence on the environment and it’s influence upon us will be mutually beneficial.

The big issue.     Homelessness.

I live on A spinning ball in A bubble, I call it Home. It’s where i live, I can’t Live anywhere else, I need, a vast

and complicated network of living organisms in order to sustain my own existence. the health of this network is my health, and the Health of the environment that sustains them sustains me, anything that I do that is of detriment to either the network of living organisms or the environment that sustaines them is directly detrimental to me.



Just a thought,

what if evolution has evolved mankind in order to help itself evolve.

The natural environment is prone to natural influences, some of which are to say the least different,

In order to circumvent such events it may be possible that through the magic of language mankind can realise itself as the guardian of all the life of this planet.

At the moment man’s world is imposed upon the natural world, if anything happens to man’s world it happens to the natural world, if anything happens to the natural world and happens to man’s world. The two are completely dependent upon each other and affect each other.

If man can, by changing his habits, find a sustainable way of living with this planet, instead of on it, the relationship Will change from a needy parasitic lust for power, to A harmonious, loving, symbiotic, relationship.

On reflection,

The only obstacle which stands before us is ourselves.

Our relationship with ownership, claiming this planet as ours, and using its resources without due care and attention is abusive coercive and controlling behaviour,

As is hierarchy and economy, the buying and selling of what can only be truly viewed as stolen property is corrupt and the protection of this through the force of arms has no place in any future that I would wish to be part of.

The future that I need and want is a future that has a value greater than money gold or power, these things cannot ever buy a future worth having. Trade and trading tools may have had their place in our evolutionary progress but if we wish to continue we must find a way to put these evolutionary barriers behind us. Throughout history our reluctance to embrace the future has led us to habitually repeat past mistakes, at some point we must take a step beyond our preconceived comfort zones and instead of keeping up old customes become accustomed to the future, this happens first in the mind, and to dream costs nothing. To realise the dream is to liberate freedom and freedom is also free.