It’s strange, it is, the way we live –

the things we take, the things we give.

It’s odd we have such blinkered eyes

that don’t see truths, but love the lies.

We must love ourselves to love another,

love Father, Son, Earth and Mother.

We must learn to love that which we hate,

to stop the grind and stop the grate,

or we’ll turn the lot to ash and dust.

This, to me, does not sound just.

Not just unjust but really weird:

to run headlong to the place most feared,

unconscious oblivion purgatory blank –

through us all life is walking this plank.

So when we say Love, what do we mean?

And by lifting the blinkers, what will be seen?

To look past the past and know how to face

an infinite future where all can embrace

no boundaries of race, culture or creeds,

sharing our home, ending all needs.

Know One

Know one can make a difference

Know one can change it all

Know one can learn the lessons

Or know one in fractions will fall

Know one can look to the future

Know one can learn from the past

Know one’s free will is all they have

And know one can change really fast

Know one can look in the mirror

Know one can see their own fate

Know one can truly love and care

Or know one will leave it too late

Know one can live without envy

Know one can wake from the sleep

Know one can stop all the violence

And know one can take faith’s leap

Know one can stop all the wars

Know one can stop all the crime

Know one can take the right action

Or know one will run out of time