Time to Wake Up

It is time to wake up from the nightmare that we are creating with our unconscious actions. 60 billion people, all claiming to be incapable of making a difference, make a difference with their every action. 60 billion people, each pointing at another and saying they will not change.

So many people saying peace will never happen in my lifetime,

What are they truly saying?

Why do we limit ourselves so freely?

Is our individual fear of failure so great that it makes us incapable of right action?

What are our values?

As a race we need to become independent self-reliant and responsible, at the moment we are dependent and reliant upon our natural environment, which we’re responsible for poisoning polluting and generally degrading in a very irresponsible manner.

The relationship that we man have with our host the earth is at present a parasitic one, this needs to change.

The relationship that man needs to have with our host planet is a Symbiotic one, a relationship that benefits all of life.

Change is needed very much sooner rather than later, if we choose to leave it any longer than we already have there will be no point in doing anything at all.


Freedom, only by being free to make the right decisions can we make the right decisions.

When we were born a birth certificate was drawn up and sent to the registrar, in this moment we became the property of the registrar. Any or all property that is registered becomes the property of the registrar, when you buy a car you consider yourself the owner of that car, when you register your car you receive a document stating that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, so you changed from owner to keeper. If you take or move a vehicle which for you you consider inappropriately parked it would be classified as theft, if the police or anyone with a license from the registrar wishes to remove your vehicle that is perfectly within the law. In the same way if you were to take a person off the street and lock them up because they caused you some form of offence, this would be kidnap.

If a policeman or someone else who has been given a license from the registrar takes you from the street or your house or anywhere else it is perfectly legal. Your property, house or land can be compulsory purchased from you, you will be compensated with money that chosen token given to slaves. The name we were given is a slave name. We are then educated to fit in to a dysfunctional society, we are trained to be dysfunctional. money forms the slave chains of humanity. Its mere existence denies the existence of equality. The support of money is the support of the ivory hunters, all armed conflict, and all environmental degradation and many other habits and customs to which we have become accustomed most of which have no long-term benefits for life.



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