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Do you do the big picture? Do you want to? Help me help you help those who need help most.

To sort out the problems that we’re experiencing at present will take us in a radically different direction than the one that we are on.

The planet has no way of paying us for the rectification of our past action. Every single person during every moment of their life makes a difference, whether that difference is beneficial or not is dependent upon the actions and interactions and reactions to those actions and interactions. To learn to live in a manner which is beneficial makes no sense when the infrastructure in which the individual lives negates the life of the individual. Being healthy in a toxic environment means you will experience more of its demise. However to be of benefit to your natural environment is to be of benefit to yourself! The healthier the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat, the healthier I am able to be.

The tools and practices of our history have generated results that are not compatible with a viable sustainable long term future, we need new tools and new practices.

Before we generate the new tools we must decide which of the old is worth replicating and which should be put in a museum.

We are all on a journey; the only things that we will find at the end of our journey will be the things that we take with us. If we take the right things with us, the journey will be pleasant and the destination as close to paradise as we could ever dream. If we take guns and bombs, et cetera, the journey will be bloody, unpleasant, much shorter, and ending in a place that I would rather not imagine.

This is a choice, it affects our lives, it affects all life.

We are part of life not apart from it.

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